hesuheadshotEver wanted to gain the skills to…

- Break free from addictions?

- Heal chronic pain and illness?

- Remove self-limitations?

-Heal the underlying issues preventing weight loss?

-Achieve perfect physical, mental, and emotional balance?

Welcome to The Whitten Method

Offering Workshops, Classes, and Master Classes, The Whitten Method is a learnable system for anyone interested in lasting healing.

Founder, and one of six Master Clincal Kinesologist, Dr. Hesu Whitten has dedicated his life’s work to developing the most effective and complete system of healing┬ácalled The Whitten Method. After treating countless patients, including world class athletes, and seeing the method create profound results–Dr. Whitten has created workshops so anyone can learn how to do this groundbreaking work!

Students Include:

- chiropractors


-massage therapists

-reiki practioners

- medical doctors



- trainers

-life coaches

-home healers and wellness advocates

- veterinarians

-and more!

Want to join a workshop? Have questions? Feel free to visit our other pages for more information!